Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My latest painting

laughter, 18"x24", oil on canvas, 2012


I wanted to thank coworkers and parents as I recover from a serious accident that occurred a week ago. I had a second scare when I was brought back to the hospital due to internal bleeding. The prognosis is good, I'm home now, and should recover with time and lots of rest. As you might imagine I'm eager to continue with plans and projects with my students.

Best wishes!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Upcoming classes opening in March and April!

It's been a VERY successful winter semester at the Worcester Art Museum with lots of laughs and amazing creativity. After a brief respite I'll be back March 24th to start anew with two new weekend classes. Check 'em out!

Drawing and Painting, 5-7 years old

Enjoy looking at paintings in the Museum. Then, have fun learning about color, texture and line while you create your own drawings and paintings with tempera paints, oil pastels, watercolors and much more!

Express Yourself!, 8-10 years old

Get inspired in the Museum and let loose your creativity. Experiment in sculpture, printmaking, paint and other materials to develop fun, colorful and experimental projects.

 And in other news --

I've just signed on to teach a class for 3rd-5th graders starting in April at the New Art Center in Newton, MA!

Architects Building Studio

 Bring your ideas to life in this fun class that moves from 2D into 3D. Using architecture and the built environment as our theme, students will develop their ideas in drawings, and then use their drawings as a basis for creating 3D models and sculptures.  If you can imagine a world underwater, or a city of tree houses, this class is for you!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A student's work in progress

A serious discussion with students on the current state of the world and the future for which we might be heading revealed some fascinating designs of transportation and homes for the year 2050. Seen here is just one example of such made 3D - a work in progress.