Friday, August 26, 2011

Student Art Show

The Youth Summer Student Art Show opens today at the Worcester Art Museum and runs till October 11th -- check it out!

Monday, August 15, 2011

What inspires an eight year old?

Summer classes at the Worcester Art Museum fly by so fast I often don't have time to study what students have produced for their final projects. That is, until I prepare for the museum's special end of summer youth art show. We especially had fun during a five day, "Express Yourself" class. This was a project in which I conducted a formal art lesson for one hour and a second hour was given to students to develop their own art piece in whatever medium they chose. The theme of the piece had to be a reflection of what inspires them to do art. Everyone produced different answers, from nature, shapes, to fairy tales, and food. I am incredibly pleased with the paintings, sculptures, and poems that were created and presented last Friday. The student art show opens September 21st.

Hey kids, comics!

One way my parents got me interested in reading was by buying me comic books. Comic books quickly inspired me to draw, leading to a developing interest in art, to become a professional artist, and later on, a teacher. I learned a lot through comic books: history, geography, fair play, equal rights, classical mythology, even foreign languages. Popular publishers, Marvel Comics and DC Comics, publish terrific books directed to young children and I urge educators and parents alike to check them out.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Upcoming classes

Here are two classes I'll be teaching for the first half of Session 2 in August at the Worcester Art Museum!

August 8-12

Drawing Your World (8-10 years old)
Explore landscape, cityscape and dreamscape in the galleries. Then draw your own beautiful world using inks, watercolors, oil pastels and other drawing materials.

Express Yourself! (8-10 years old)
Get inspired in the Museum and let loose your creativity. Experiment in sculpture, printmaking, paint and other materials to develop fun, colorful and experimental projects.

Teach peace.

I was on a morning dog walk in the neighborhood when I came across this, "TEACH PEACE". Two simple words with so much power! Every semester I try to touch on equality and unity without getting too preachy, but today I'm trying to spread this message as much as possible and will definitely touch upon this moment again in lessons to come.

A happy weekend to all!